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taught by Tajuana Lee

Course description

We live in an increasingly complex society where credit is king but unfortunately, this is the world we live in where student loans and the issues of life can cause you to feel like you have no solution other than to file bankruptcy because you see no way out.  As of 2019, America's has over 22 trillion dollars in debt after only having half of that less than a decade ago. So let's go deep are you feeling like you are paying more than others for the same things such as higher deposits when getting your utilities turned on or renting an apartment or maybe even your rates are higher for car insurance because of your low credit score. Well, you are absolutely correct you are.  But what if I tell you that you can turn all of that around by following a few simple guidelines you will live the luxury lifestyle that you have always dreamed about.

This is not a game not only am I telling you that it's possible I'm also telling you that I have the receipts to prove it. Credit is new wealth. By following these simple steps you will watch your credit score go from the low 400's to 700 and up over the next 60 to 160 days, you will learn the following techniques

  • You will learn how to read your credit report.
  • You will learn how what makes up your credit score
  • you will learn the following techniques How to read remove old collects, tax liens, and judgments.
  • How to boost your credit score and balance your negative credit and make it positive to get into that new house that you have been praying for
  •  You will learn how to apply for credit tradeline and get approved
  • As a bonus, you will have a slight insight into how to achieve business credit.
Tajuana Lee
Tajuana Lee

Hi my name is Tajuana Lee I'm the co/ founder Of Genesis Hair Care and I'm a business coach I teach creative entrepreneurs how to create multiple streams of income. By creating digital and tangible products. I help you to see how to close the gaps in your business by teaching you how to put strategic systems in place that saves you time and money so that you can increase revenue.